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Of The Unofficial Website Of the North Little Rock, AR

1904- 2004: 100 Years of Protection and Service To The City

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35th Street and Camp Robinson Road - North Little Rock, AR

Thanks to Jim Roberts for providing this photo and thanks to Tom Malone for granting permission to use it.

NLRFD Captain (Ret.) James Dancy identified the people in the photo as:
Fred Malone (in driver's seat), his son Tommy with him; John Neal is standing in front and R.J. "Doc" Goss is
behind him. Capt Dancy noted the Captain's Insignia on "Doc" Goss's hat, along with the gold band of a Captain.

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT NLR Fire Station Number 6: This Fire Station was originally the Levy City Hall.
It was remodeled, including an entrance and door so that a Fire Apparatus could be housed there. This took place in August and
September of 1946. The former Levy City Hall opened as North Little Rock Fire Station 6 on October 18, 1946.

Interesting Facts About The Above Photo: This pumper was a borrowed Corps of Engineers Pumper (note the insignia on the hood).
NLR borrowed two 500 GPM Pumpers in 1946 from Camp Robinson. When these were recalled, apparatus for Levy became a real
issue in the city. A pumper was borrowed from the Corps of Engineers in Tulsa, OK Corps of Engineers (pictured above) to staff the
Levy Station. When the two 1947 American La France Pumpers were purchased, there was enough apparatus for all of the recently
annexed part of NLR. The two 1947 ALF 750 "Invaders" did not arrived until December, 1947.