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Of The Unofficial Website Of the North Little Rock, AR

1904- 2004: 100 Years of Protection and Service To The City

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Hose Wagons 1 and 2 - ARGENTA FIRE DEPARTMENT CIRCA 1907
(Photo Courtesy N.L.R.F.D.)
This has to be one of the best and oldest surviving pictures of what the very early Argenta F.D. was like.
"City of Argenta" is proudly displayed at the top of the second story of this fine old building. The bell and its tower are
clearly visible. This was City Hall and the Fire Dept. until 1915, when the current City Hall opened. This building is now
completely rebuilt. What a great piece of history was saved! The plans that I have seen show that an "engine room" for
a fire truck will face outward to main street. One has to wonder who the boy and his dog were. If you know of any old
NLRFD apparatus which is sitting in a barn, or behind a house, please contact me at

(Photo courtesy of the NLR History Commission- Sandra Taylor Smith, Director)
Another Photo of The Original NLR Central Station at 506 Main. Central Station was here until the
present Central Station was built in 1961. This building still stands today - completely refurbished!

(Photo Courtesy of Mr. Jim Henry)
Old Central Station with a motorized apparatus inside. Note that the door was still for a single truck only.

Mr. Henry tells me that he and his dad both worked at Owens Funeral Home. The gentleman in the center
of the photo in the business suit was Mr. Robert Travis Owens, who owned the funeral home.

Jim Dancy (retired NLRFD Captain) identified the men in the picture as: "The Picture is from L - R Tom Crumley, Gaston McClain, Frank Neeley, Mr Robert T. Owens, John Neal, Raymond Nichols, August H. Dancy,& Chief Tom "Red " Welch.. It was Made at the front of the old Central Station 506 Main N. L. R. "

The fire engine parked just inside the station is most likely the '25 Seagrave. I blew the photo up about 5 times
normal, and ends of hard suction hoses are visible on the right. Also, the radiator ornament is a close match to
what another picture of the old Seagrave shows. If you have any information about this photo or the people
pictured, please e_mail me at:


Another view of Old Central sometime during or shortly after 1925. This is the '25 right-hand drive
Seagrave. It cost $13,000 new from the factory and was delivered in late November, 1925.

(Thanks to Mr. Thomas Riley for Permission to use this historic photo!)
A View of Old Central Station Circa 1955.
This is "Central" as I remember it as a small boy. The old Seagrave Ladder Truck was always parked next
to the wall where the Captain could barely get in the truck. The pumper was the '55 Seagrave.