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1904- 2004: 100 Years of Protection and Service To The City

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FORD MODEL-T HOSE WAGON (1917-1918 Vintage) OF THE

This old truck, according to newpaper articles, was the "Engine of the Ford Automobile driven by Mayor Faucette"with one of the
old horse-drawn hose wagons. A Smith Form-a-Truck Chassis was used to put this ancient fire apparatus together. Obviously, the
entire front portion of this apparatus (not just the engine) was a Ford Model -T automobile. One of the old Horse-Drawn Hose
Wagons was attached to the chassis. Note the rear marker lights, and the ground ladders mounted high on either side. These are
an absolute match for one picture of an old Argenta Hose Wagon. This apparatus was supposed to carry 1000 feet of 2 1/2" hose.
At some point, a chemical tank was added to the apparatus for fighting small fires, because the 1931 Insurance Underwriters'
Report stated that the Ford Hose and Chemical Wagon had been replaced "during the past year" by a Whippet Hose Wagon.
Hand-carried fire extinguishers are also visible on the rear of the old hose wagon in the picture below. A hand-crank siren
is also visible in front of the Captain's seat. The siren appeared to be the only warning device on the Ford Model T.

(Photo Originally From Barbara Humble; Donated to Website by Ret. NLRFD Capt. Jim Dancy - with permission of Mrs. Humble.

This ancient North Little Rock Fire Apparatus was the second motorized apparatus of the North Little Rock Fire
Department. This Station at 15th and Pike was the SECOND NLR FIRE STATION OPENED in NLR. Contruction was
started in early January, 1918 and was finished by April, 1918. An Arkansas Democrat Article on August 31, 1918 states
that the North Little Rock Fire Department had two stations and further mentions two trucks.

This station was closed sometime prior to 1925 due to budget constraints. At that time the T-Model pictured above went
back to Central Station. The Ford T-Model was still on the roster in 1925, and was to be used as a reserve, or for general
alarms. Evidently, in late 1930 or early 1931, this vehicle was decommissioned. The Fire Station pictured here was
reopened in December, 1925. Meanwhile, a Fire Station in eastern North Little Rock had opened, so this station became
known as "The Pike Avenue Station" and the Company operating here, beginning in 1925 was "Company 3."

An acquaintance of mine who is a vintage car expert tells me that this is indeed a Ford Model T, and most
likely it is a car chassis, not a truck chassis. He further stated that if this was a car chassis, it could not have
carried much over 1/2 ton of weight . (A Model T Truck could have carried 1 - 1/ 1/2 tons.) If you can give
me any information, make year, etc., contact me at:

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