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Of The Unofficial Website Of the North Little Rock, AR

1904- 2004: 100 Years of Protection and Service To The City

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A view from the from of Reserve 102 as it is being
decommissioned on 6-22-02. This engine a sister
pumper (now at Beebe) were parked in this exact
location when they arrived at the NLRFD in June,
1976. This Engine's first assignment was Engine 4.

Above: Station 5 had JUST been closed in the fall of
1978. The Ford /Pierce was still in the Station The truck went to  Station 3 on Pike until Station 5 was reopened some while  later. Some darn good  fire fighters were laid off! Eddie Powell resigned as mayor, and Casey Layman ended
up (again) as mayor. Mayor Layman ordered that Station 5 be
reopened. (I recall many two person crews after this
Rescue 19 was also pulled off the track.

2 Shots of training at Central.  In the one above,    Engine 8, one of
the 76 IH's, Engine 7, and Engine 3. Look carefully behind Engine
3, and you can see the back of
Engine 5 which was on the '47 ALF.
This shot was in '76 or '77.

This particular International/ ALF is still Reserve
Engine 103. This photo was included to show the
NLRFD Station 2 which was closed in 1992. This
pumper was not even in service when this photo was
made. This pumper stayed in storage at Station 2
during the rest of 1976 (fall and winter) and became
the first Engine 9 in early 1977.

              The '78 Ford-Pierce at #5'S just before Engine
                   Company 5 was disbanded. Rescue 80 came
                  to Station 5. (It now was a "mini" pumper
                                  on  a '92 Ford Chasis.)

                         A shot of training time between '78 and '82.
       Most likely Engines 4, 5, 9 and 3.

Take a look at this picture! Something special was going on at Central that evening.
Pictured are the '71 Ford - Engine 2; Standby Engine 10 ('55 Seagrave) was right behind
Engine 2. The front of Truck 1A,   ('47 Seagrave) is visible. Truck 7A (The Snorkle) can be
seen in the extreme right of the picture.

Above: Another View of the Same Scene at Central. Note the HUGE Spotlight on the '46 Seagrave Aerial.
Also, the Front of the Battaltion Chief's (District Chief in those days) car. This looks like a '74-'76 Chevy.