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Of The Unofficial Website Of the North Little Rock, AR

1904- 2004: 100 Years of Protection and Service To The City

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1976 International/American La France 1000 GPM Pumper "A"
Of The North Little Rock, AR
From 1976 until 1997.

(Photo by Lee Clark)
This 1976 American La France-International 1000 GMP Pumper was one of three delivered in 1976. One is still in reserve service. This pumper was donated to Beebe, Arkansas after the tornado in 1997 destroyed much of the Beebe apparatus.
 It is still on their roster today.  It was unusual that the exhaust pipe was moved to the front bumper.  It is visible in the picture
below the right front of the bumper. This pumper was initially put in service at Station 6 in the fall of 1976. It stayed at Station 6
until 1992, when it was assigned to Station 10 (above).

    Could the exhaust have been piped to the front for the sake of the firefighter(s) riding the rear step?  due to a Diesel engine
that REALLY smoked? I heard an alarm go out one night in the late '70'S or early '80's when I had a radio that could reach the
old NLR Fire frequency. It was an alarm for Engines 5 and 8. It was to Station 6. Engine 6, which had just left on an alarm,
radioed back to slow down, because they had just had to pump up the air before they left on the run, and hence, a lot of
Diesel smoke made a citizen believe the station was on fire!

(Photo by Lee Clark)
                  Above is the '76 International ALF almost brand new at Station 6 in 1976.