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Of The Unofficial Website Of the North Little Rock, AR

1904- 2004: 100 Years of Protection and Service To The City

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1978 Ford/Pierce 1000 GPM Pumper of the
North Little Rock, AR
Purchased New in early 1978. Title was transfered to the East Pulaski V.F.D. by the NLR City Council
on July 22, 2002 East Pulaski V.F.D. took possession of this Ford/Pierce 1000 GPM Pumper on
August 8, 2002 at a special ceremony at NLRFD Central Station at 1:30 p.m.

(Photo by Lee Clark)
One cold winter Saturday in 1978, the author of this website was driving by NLR Fire Station #5. The '47
American La France was parked outside, parallel to the curb, with the engine running. Inside, was another
pumper, which I did not recognize as a NLRFD Apparatus. Then I realized, "The new Pierce pumper is here!"
At first, I was rather doubtful, since it was on a commercial chassis, and did not have a crew cab. It did have
a Diesel engine, and a 1000 GPM pump. What an excellent paint job! The main concern was, "Would it fit
inside the Engine House?" With that question answered, the driver from Pierce left with the pumper. Later
that weekend, I saw the truck parked off 47th Street in Levy in a front yard of a residence. There I took
the picture above. The pumper was not officially delivered yet.

The '78 Ford/Pierce went to Station 5 and stayed
there until the following fall, when after local
revenue options failed, Mayor Eddie Powell felt he
had no other options, but to cut NLR City Services.
The "hits" made included the Fire Department, and
closed Station 5, and pulled Rescue 19 off the track.
The decision to close Fire Station #5 had just gone
into effect this fall morning in 1978. I had to drive by
on my way to work and actually see that this had
happened to believe it! The Pierce (Ford) pumper
was still parked inside! Soon it was moved to
Central, where it stayed for a while. It was later
moved to Station 3 and served as Engine 3, until the
decision was made by Mayor Casey Layman (who had become mayor again) to reopen Station 5.

(The '59 American La France that was Engine 3 was
stored at Station 9, until it went back in service at
Station 3.

The 1978-Ford Pierce In 2002 As Reserve Engine 101

In the photo above, the '78 Pierce had just begun
its assignment as Engine 4 (Dec. of 1992). The
new Station 4 on Maumelle Blvd had not yet
opened, so Engine 4 was placed in quarters at
Station 8. Engine 8's '66 'La France was out of
service, so they were running on the '59 'La
France. This was an EXTREMELY cold day. Note
the fire fighters have their coats on and are trying
to get out of the wind!

The 1978 Ford Pierce served as Engine 5 from its
arrival in early 1978 until 1992. The picture above was made just before Engine 5 was de-
commissioned in the fall of 1992. The '78 Ford
then became Engine 4 (at new Station 4 in
Maumelle). It was housed at Station 8 until new
Station 4 was opened in early 1993. In 1998 the
'78 Ford became Reserve Engine 101,
where it remained until it was decommissioned on
April 30, 2002. The title of ownership was transfered on Monday, July 22, 2002 by the NLR
City Council to the East Pulaski V.F.D.