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Of The Unofficial Website Of the North Little Rock, AR

1904- 2004: 100 Years of Protection and Service To The City

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1947 American La France 750 Pumpers Of The NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR
(Two Pumpers Were Purchased at the Same Time.)

The '47 American La France which origianlly operated out
of Central. The V-12 was replaced by a huge Ford V-8.
The pumper also was assigned to Co. 2, Co.4, and its final
assginment in regular service was here at Station 5
until 1978. (Photo by Lee Clark)

'47 American La France which originally was Co. 3. The V-12
engine stayed in this truck during its entire life in NLR. 
It is shown above filling in for Engine 6 in late  early '76.

(Photo by Lee Clark)
In 1947, North Little Rock found itself in need of new pumpers for the Fire Department. Central was running on the '39 Seagrave,
which was "Company 4." Station 2 had the '32 Open Cab Mack and Station 3 had the '36 Ford-Seagrave (also open cab).  The
1925 Seagrave was running out of Central as "Company 1," which was a "reserve pumper." The City of Levy had just voted
(along with NLR Citizens) to become part of North Little Rock. Station 4 in Rose City was soon to be opened. Park Hill was to
b eannexed to NLR is just a short time,, also. The city had never seen such growth! Fire apparatus, which was already old, had to be augmented in a very short time.

If my sources are correct, Hot Springs was to take delivery of two American La France pumpers, which for some reason did
not meet specifications.  NLR purchased these.  Originally,  one '47 ALF pumper   went to Station 1 and the other '47 ALF went
to #3's.  In 1951 upon the 1951 Seagrave being delivered, the '47 La France at Central went to #2's. ( The '39 Seagrave at 2'S
went to the Rose City Station (#4).  In 1955 delivery of another 1000 GMP Seagrave sent the '47 La France at Station 2 on out to
Station 4.  The '51 Seagrave went from Central to Station 2.  (This is the arrangement I first remember as a small boy.)

(Photo Courtesy Jeanneta Martin)

This is the 1947 American La France that was originally Engine 3. It went to Station 5 some time after 1959. The 1959 American La France pumper swaped with this one and became "Company 3" in NLR FD language of that era. It was the "#1 Stand-by from 1971 until it was sold sometime after the delivery of the '78 Ford -Pierce. 

(Photo by Lee Clark)
Above:  The 1947 La France which originally ran out of Central most likely as Co. 1 shown here
after it finally became the second '47 ALF to be Engine 5. (Sometime between '76 and its
replacment in early '78.) This pumper was Co. 1 from 1947-1951. It then became Engine 2 until
1955, at which time it became Engine 4. It moved from Station 4 to Station 5 in 1971.

(Photo by Lee Clark)
The above photo pictures the '47 La France that orignally was "Company 1." It then went to Station 2, then 4's
  and later to Station 5.  This apparatus had its V-12 replaced with a large capacity Ford V-8 engine. (Above)
This was an inspection of Lakewood Jr. High (now LW Middle School). Close inspection shows Engine 7 was
here also.  Engine 7's '61 International was in the shop, and they were running on the '55 Seagrave, which was
the "#1 Standby" from 1976 until 1982.