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Of The Unofficial Website Of the North Little Rock, AR

1904- 2004: 100 Years of Protection and Service To The City

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1941 Ford/ American La France Pumper Of The

(Original Pumper Of The Park Hill Fire Department)

This pumper became the property of the NLRFD when Park Hill was annexed. It was originally "Company 7" of the NLRFD
according to the 1947 Fire Underwriters' Report. (Levy was Co. 6 and the Aerial Truck was Co. 5.)
The 1941 Ford/American
La France Pumper pictured (above) was originally the property of the Park Hill Volunteer Fire Dept. When Park Hill was
annexed to North Little Rock in 1946, this pumper, the station and the remaining debt became North Little Rock's.

In 1957, the Insurance Underwriters' Report recommended replacing this old pumper. It was said to be to small for the job.
(It was a 500 GPM Pump.) The Underwriters further recommended moving the station to the vicinity of Idewilde and Avondale.
Just a thought: Obviously the Representatives of the Fire Underwritersho came to NLR did not know much about the geography
of North Little Rock. Can one imagine this pumper, or any large fire appartus going up "Snake Hill?" Avondale is now Fairway.

The 1941 Ford - Late One Fall Evening in 1976 or '77 where I found it..

  In either 1976 or '77, I tracked down the original pumper from Station 5, a 1941 American La France on a Ford chassis.  It was
located somewhere near Avilla, which is is Southwestern Pulaski County. Obviously, I got there when it was nearing sundown. 
I remember that the owner was using it to haul wood. He did not want to sell it. I remember seeing "Park Hill" on the bottom of the
hose bed in gold lettering.  This pumper originally the property of the Park Hill Fire Dept.  (Park Hill was annexed by NLR.)  Does
anyone know any information concerning this truck now?