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Of The Unofficial Website Of the North Little Rock, AR

1904- 2004: 100 Years of Protection and Service To The City

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1933 Mack Pumper of the
North Little Rock F.D.

(Photo From Bob Franklin)

This 1933 Mack Pumper had to be a "Cadillac" in its day.   The "No. 2" on the hood indicates that this
pumper was assigned to Station 2 on East Broadway upon its arrival in NLR. The NLR City Council
unanimously approved the purchase of this "Fire Machine" as the NLR Times called it in November, 1932.
According to the records of the Mack Truck Historical Society, the pumper was delivered to North Little Rock
on February 20, 1933. The chasis number of the apparatus was CBQ1004.

The arrival of this new 750 GPM Triple Combination Pumper "identical to Little Rock's latest machine"
meant that the 1917 American La France was no longer in front line service.)  This Pumper was purchased
for $11.300.00, which was a great sum of money in 1932.
The 1933 Mack replaced the 1917 American LaFrance.

In 1951, the '33 Mack became a reserve when the '51 Seagrave was delivered, because the '51 Seagrave
went to Central. The 1947 American La France at Central went to Station 2, and the '39 Seagrave would have
gone from Station 2 to Station 4 in Rose City.) Thus, in 1951, this pumper was no longer in front line service.