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Of The Unofficial Website Of the North Little Rock, AR

1904- 2004: 100 Years of Protection and Service To The City

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1925 Dodge/ Foamite-Childs Pumper of the North Little Rock Fire Department

Capt. Henry Gray, R.J. Goss and Al Roberts
(Firefighters Identified by Jim Dancy and Bob Franklin (Photo Edited from NLRFD Photo)


This 1925 Dodge/ Foamite-Childs Pumper arrived in June, 1925 to North Little Rock. As soon as this apparatus arrived, it was put in
service at Central Station, and the 1917 American La France was to be sent back to the factory for a "complete overhaul." (This
ended up being done at a local garage, next to 506 Main, under the supervision of an American LaFrance mechanic.

Note the BELL visible just behind the right front tire. This, and the spot light were the only warning devices to alert citizens that a
fire engine was making a run! This Foamite-Childs pumper (on a 1925 Dodge Chassis) had a 300 GPM Pump and a 35 gallon chemical tank.

Sometime between June and November, 1925 the American La France had arrived back in North Little Rock, newly
overhauled. The 1925 Dodge stayed at Central, and the 1917 La France was assigned to a station in east NLR in a rented
building. This engine's stay at NLR Central Station was only until the new Seagrave arrived in early December, 1925, it was
assigned to Central Station. The Dodge was sent to "the Pike Avenue Station." The Pike Avenue Station evidently had been
closed for quite some time and numerous repairs were necessary before it could be occupied.

(Photo From N.L.R.F.D. Collection)

The NLR Fire Station above was evidently the second NLR Fire Station to open. It was built during 1918, and was
opened in December, 1918. The first apparatus to operate out of this station was the old Ford Model T. It is shown
in another photo on the website in front of this station. (http://nlrfd100.tripod.com/old_hose_wagon.html)
The station was closed, due to budget constraints sometime before 1925. The Model T went to Central.
The Station reopened in December, 1925. By this time it housed Company 3.

The August 9, 1940
North Little Rock Times carried a front page article telling that Federal Money had been approved
for a new Fire Station at 15th and Pike. Another article stated that the present Station 3 (pictured above) was deemed
"uninhabitable." The station was torn down and the second station on this site was built in early 1941.